Monday, 25 October

Doctoral Consortium Program

Welcome from the Chairs

Getting to Know Each Other

Interactive exercise, instructions will be presented on the day

A coffee with Vito Walter Anelli, Politecnico di Bari, Winner of the SWSA Dissertation Award

Short Break

Paper Presentations 1 (5 minute pre-recorded presentations + 5 minutes of questions)

Valentina Anita Carriero. Conceptual components and Ontology Design Patterns extraction across different ontologies
Genet Asefa Gesese. Leveraging Literals for Knowledge Graph Embeddings
Dhairya Dalal. Knowledge Augmented Language Models for Causal Question Answering

Discussion Panel (15 minutes)

Short Break

Paper Presentations 2 (5 minute presentations + 5 minutes of questions)

Peb Ruswono Aryan. Knowledge Graph for Explainable Cyber Physical Systems
Alexander Kalinowski. Optimal Transport Methods for Aligning Knowledge Graph Triples with Natural Language in Unsupervised Settings
Margherita Martorana. Connecting the Dots: Transparent FAIRification of Restricted Data

Discussion Panel (15 minutes)

Poster Presentations (2 minutes pre-recorded)

Yoan Antonio Lopez. Advancing on the linked open university context: a Cuban linked open university
Laura Waltersdorfer. Auditable Semantic Web Machine Learning Systems
Reham Alharbi. Towards a Comprehensive Framework for Rating Candidate Ontologies for Reuse

Discussion (20 minutes)

Short Break

Mentoring Session

Keynote: Anna Lisa Gentile, IBM
Title: TBD

Short Break

Discussion & Closing