Sunday, 24 October


The 2nd Wikidata Workshop

Organizers: Lucie-Aimée Kaffee, Simon Razniewski, and Aidan Hogan

Workshop on data and research objects management for linked open science (DaMaLOS)

Organizers: Leyla Jael G. Castro, Markus Stocker, and Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann

12th Workshop on Ontology Design and Patterns (WOP2021)

Organizers: Karl Hammar, Cogan Shimizu, Hande McGinty, Luigi Asprino, and Valentina Anita Carriero

Fourth International Workshop on Semantic Web Meets Health Data Management (SWH)

Organizers: Haridimos Kondylakis, Praveen Rao, and Kostas Stefanidis


Tutorial: Tools for Creating and Exploiting Large Knowledge Graphs (KGTK)

Organizers: Filip Ilievski, Daniel Garijo, Hans Chalupsky and Pedro Szekely


Monday, 25 October


Workshop on Deep Learning for Knowledge Graphs (DL4KG)

Organizers: Mehwish Alam, Davide Buscaldi, Michael Cochez, Francesco Osborne, Diego Reforgiato Recupero, and Harald Sack

7th Workshop on Managing the Evolution and Preservation of the Data Web (MEPDaW)

Organizers: Fabrizio Orlandi, Damien Graux, Julio Cesar dos Reis, and Maria-Esther Vidal

6th International Workshop on Visualization and Interaction for Ontologies and Linked Data (VOILA)

Organizers: Patrick Lambrix, Catia Pesquita, and Vitalis Wiens

The Sixteenth International Workshop on Ontology Matching (OM)

Organizers: Pavel Shvaiko, Jérôme Euzenat, Ernesto Jiménez-Ruiz, Oktie Hassanzadeh, and Cássia Trojahn


Tutorial: Completeness, Recall, and Negation in Open-World Knowledge Bases

Organizers: Simon Razniewski, Hiba Arnaout, Shrestha Ghosh, and Fabian Suchanek

Tutorial: Semantic Web for E-Government

Organizers: Oscar Corcho, Luis-Daniel Ibáñez, Fabian Kirstein, and Elena Simperl

Doctoral Consortium

Organizers: Valentina Tamma, Miriam Fernandez, and María Poveda Villalón


Tuesday, 26 October

Main ISWC Program, Day 1

Opening Ceremony

Chair: Harith Alani

Keynote Session 1

Chair: Eva Blomqvist
Keynote - Yoelle Maarek, Amazon: "Alexa, do you have a sense of humor?"

Break - 10 minutes

Lightning Talks 1

Chair: Catia Pesquita

Session 1A: Question Answering

Chair: Jeff Pan

Open Domain Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs using Keyword Search, Answer Type Prediction, SPARQL and Pre-trained Neural Models (Reserch)

Christos Nikas, Pavlos Fafalios and Yannis Tzitzikas.

EDG-based Question Decomposition for Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Bases (Research)

Xixin Hu, Yiheng Shu, Xiang Huang and Yuzhong Qu.

Generative Relation Linking for Question Answering over Knowledge Bases (Research)

Gaetano Rossiello, Nandana Mihindukulasooriya, Ibrahim Abdelaziz, Mihaela Bornea, Alfio Massimiliano Gliozzo, Tahira Naseem and Pavan Kapanipathi.

Session 1B – Society and Semantic Technologies

Chair: Harald Sack

Use of Semantic Technologies to Inform Progress Toward Zero-Carbon Economy (In-Use)

Stefano Germano, Carla Saunders, Ian Horrocks and Rick Lupton

(Best Paper Candidate) CKGG: A Chinese Knowledge Graph for High-School Geography Education and Beyond (Resources)

Yulin Shen, Ziheng Chen, Gong Cheng and Yuzhong Qu

AgroLD: a knowledge graph for plant sciences (Resources)

Pierre Larmande and Konstantin Todorovi

Session 1C – Logics and Reasoning

Chair: Anna Lisa Gentile

(Best Student Paper Candidate) Controlled Query Evaluation over Prioritized Ontologies with Expressive Data Protection Policies (Research)

Gianluca Cima, Domenico Lembo, Lorenzo Marconi, Riccardo Rosati and Domenico Fabio Savo

Computing CQ lower-bounds over OWL 2 through approximation to RSA (Research)

Federico Igne, Stefano Germano and Ian Horrocks

Automatically Extracting OWL versions of FOL ontologies (Research)

Torsten Hahmann and Robert Powell

Session 1D – Industry 1

Chair: Juan Sequeda

Building a Semantic Modeling Team - Skills to Have and Attitudes to Avoid

Panos Alexopoulos

Flexible and Extensible Competency Management with Knowledge Graphs

Nicolas Heist and Peter Haase

Boosting Information Extraction through Semantic Technologies: The KIDs use case at CONSOB

Federico Scafoglieri, Domenico Lembo, Alessandra Limosani, Francesca Medda and Maurizio Lenzerini

Integrating Graph and Machine Learning for Fraud Detection Use Case

Uri Lapidot and Jay Yu

Lightning Talks 2

Chair: Oshani Seneveratne

Session 2A – Visual Models

Chair: Jiaoyan Chen

(Best Student Paper Candidate) Graphhopper: Multi-Hop Scene Graph Reasoning for Visual Question Answering (Research)

Rajat Koner, Hang Li, Marcel Hildebrandt, Deepan Das, Volker Tresp and Stephan Günnemann

Learning Visual Models using a Knowledge Graph as a Trainer (Research)

Sebastian Monka, Lavdim Halilaj, Stefan Schmid and Achim Rettinger

Zero-shot Visual Question Answering using Knowledge Graph (Research)

Zhuo Chen, Jiaoyan Chen, Yuxia Geng, Jeff Z. Pan, Zonggang Yuan and Huajun Chen

Session 2B – Learning from Wikidata

Chair: Axel Polleres

Learning to Predict the Departure Dynamics of Wikidata Editors (Research)

Guangyuan Piao and Weipeng Huang

(Best Student Paper Candidate) Learning to Recommend Items to Wikidata Editors (Research)

Kholoud Alghamdi, Miaojing Shi and Elena Simperl

Best Paper Award Improving Inductive Link Prediction Using Hyper-Relational Facts (Research)

Mehdi Ali, Max Berrendorf, Mikhail Galkin, Veronika Thost, Tengfei Ma, Volker Tresp and Jens Lehmann

Session 2C – Semantic Integration

Chair: Oscar Corcho

Best Paper Award Leveraging Semantic Web technologies for digital interoperability in the European Railway domain (In-Use)

Julian Rojas, Marina Aguado, Polymnia Vasilopoulou, Ivo Velitchkov, Dylan Van Assche, Pieter Colpaert and Ruben Verborgh

On constructing Enterprise Knowledge Graphs under quality and availability constraints (In-Use)

Matthew Kujawinski, Christophe Guéret, Chandan Kumar, Brennan Woods, Pavel Klinov and Evren Sirin

Towards Semantic Interoperability in Historical Research: Documenting Research Data and Knowledge with Synthesis (in-Use)

Pavlos Fafalios, Konstantina Konsolaki, Lida Charami, Kostas Petrakis, Manos Paterakis, Dimitris Angelakis, Yannis Tzitzikas, Chrysoula Bekiari and Martin Doerr

Session 2D – Industry 2

Chair: Lorena Etcheverry

Leveraging Knowledge Graph and DeepNER to Improve UoM Handling in Search

Qunzhi Zhou, Zhe Wu, Jon Degenhardt, Ethan Hart, Petar Ristoski, Aritra Mandal, Julie Netzloff and Anu Mandalam

Assessing Scientific Conferences through Knowledge Graphs

Simone Angioni, Angelo Salatino, Francesco Osborne, Aliaksandr Birukou, Diego Reforgiato Recupero and Enrico Motta

Knowledge Graphs to help with Data-driven Clinical Decision-making

Diarmuid Cahalane, Alexandre Kouznetsov and Christophe Guéret

A Healthcare Knowledge Graph-based Approach to Enable Focused Clinical Search

Maulik Kamdar, Will Dowling, Michael Carroll, Cailey Fitzgerald, Sujit Pal, Steve Ross, Katie Scranton, Dru Henke and Mevan Samarasinghe

Posters & Demos / Social 1

Session 3A – Knowledge Graph Embeddings

Chair: Michael Cochez

Improving Knowledge Graph Embeddings with Ontological Reasoning (Research)

Nitisha Jain, Trung-Kien Tran, Mohamed Gad-Elrab and Daria Stepanova

Using Compositional Embeddings for Fact Checking (Research)

Ana Alexandra Morim da Silva, Michael Röder and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo

LiterallyWikidata - A Benchmark for Knowledge Graph Completion using Literals (Resources)

Genet Asefa Gesese, Mehwish Alam and Harald Sack

Session 3B – Data Transformation

Chair: Achille Fokoue

A Source-to-Target Constraint rewriting for Direct Mapping (Research)

Ratan Bahadur Thapa and Martin Giese

Scalable Transformation of Big Geospatial Data into Linked Data (Resources)

George Mandilaras and Manolis Koubarakis

(Best Paper Candidate) Wikibase as an Infrastructure for Knowledge Graphs: the EU Knowledge Graph (In-Use)

Dennis Diefenbach, Max De Wilde and Samantha Alipio

Session 3C – SW Challenges 1 (Challenges in Parallel)

SMART 2021: Semantic Answer Type and Relation Prediction Task

Nandana Mihindukulasooriya, Mohnish Dubey, Alfio M Gliozzo, Jens Lehmann, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo, and Ricardo Usbeck

All the Agents Challenge (ATAC)

Tobias Käfer, Andreas Harth, Andrei Ciortea, and Victor Charpenay

Session 3D – Industry 3

Chair: Juan Sequeda

BAMM Aspect Meta Model

Andreas Textor, Steffen Stadtmüller, Birgit Boss and Johannes Kristan

OntoScene: Ontology Guided Indoor Scene Understanding for Cognitive Robotic Tasks

Snehasis Banerjee, Pradip Pramanick, Chayan Sarkar and Balamuralidhar P

Enabling a semantic sensor knowledge approach for quality control support in Cleanrooms

Diego Rincon-Yanez, Flavia Crispoldi, Dalila Onorati, Pierfrancesco Ulpiani, Giuseppe Fenza and Sabrina Senatore

A Framework for Automatically Interpreting Tabular Data at Orange

Yoan Chabot, Frédéric Deuzé, Viet-Phi Huynh, Thomas Labbé, Jixiong Liu, Pierre Monnin and Raphaël Troncy


Wednesday, 27 October

Main ISWC Program, Day 2

Keynote Session 2

Chair: Andreas Hotho
Keynote - Abraham Bernstein, University of Zürich: "Society Rules - How should Semantic Web be disciplined?"

Break - 10 minutes

PANEL: Semantic Web Vision and Revision

Chair: Jim Hendler
Panelists: Tim Berners-Lee, Enrico Motta, Deborah McGuinness

Break - 10 minutes

Session 4A: Ontologies

Chair: Valentina Tamma

EduCOR: An Educational and Career-Oriented Recommendation Ontology (Resources)

Eleni Ilkou, Hasan Abu-Rasheed, Mohammadreza Tavakoli, Sherzod Hakimov, Gábor Kismihók, Sören Auer and Wolfgang Nejdl

A High-Level Ontology Network for ICT Infrastructures (Resources)

Oscar Corcho, David Chaves-Fraga, Jhon Toledo, Julián Arenas-Guerrero, Carlos Badenes-Olmedo, Mingxue Wang, Hu Peng, Nicholas Burrett, José Mora and Puchao Zhang

Rail Topology Ontology: A Rail Infrastructure Base Ontology (Resources)

Stefan Bischof and Gottfried Schenner

Session 4B: Information Extraction

Chair: Francesco Osborne

A Graph-based Approach for Inferring Semantic Descriptions of Wikipedia Tables (Research)

Binh Vu, Craig Knoblock, Pedro Szekely, Jay Pujara and Minh Pham

Large-scale Multi-granular Concept Extraction Based on Machine Reading Comprehension (Research)

Siyu Yuan, Deqing Yang, Jiaqing Liang, Jilun Sun, Jingyue Huang, Kaiyan Cao, Yanghua Xiao and Rui Xie

PCSG: Pattern-Coverage Snippet Generation for RDF Datasets (Research)

Xiaxia Wang, Gong Cheng, Tengteng Lin, Jing Xu, Jeff Z. Pan, Evgeny Kharlamov and Yuzhong Qu

Session 4C: Data Analytics

Chair: Mauro Dragoni

Fast ObjectRank for Large Knowledge Databases (Research)

Hiroaki Shiokawa

Best Paper Award Chimera: a bridge between big data analytics and semantic technologies (Resources)

Matteo Belcao, Emanuele Falzone, Enea Bionda and Emanuele Della Valle

BEEO: Semantic Support for Event-based Data Analytics (Resources)

Michele Ciavotta, Vincenzo Cutrona, Flavio De Paoli, Matteo Palmonari and Blerina Spahiu

Session 4D: SW Challenges 2 (Challenges in Parallel)

SemTab: Semantic Web Challenge on Tabular Data to Knowledge Graph Matching

Kavitha Srinivas, Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz, Oktie Hassanzadeh, Jiaoyan Chen, Vasilis Efthymiou, Juan F. Sequeda, and Vincenzo Cutrona

Semantic Reasoning Evaluation Challenge (SemREC)

Gunjan Singh, Raghava Mutharaju, and Pavan Kapanipathi

Break - 10 minutes

Missions Track 1: Towards Reproducibility

Chair: Raphaël Troncy
Natasha Noy, Pascal Hitzler, Valentina Ivanova, York Sure-Vetter

Posters & Demos / Social 2

Town Hall

Chair: Jim Hendler


Thursday, 28 October

Main ISWC Program, Day 3

Keynote Session 3

Chair: Harith Alani
Keynote - Julia Stoyanovich, New York University: "Building Data Equity Systems"

Posters & Demos / Social

Missions Track 2: Towards Reproducibility

Chair: Raphaël Troncy
Carole Goble, Juan Sequeda , Michael Cochez, Freddy Lecue

Session 5A: Linked Data Applications

Chair: María Poveda Villalon

(Best Paper Candidate) The Punya Platform: Building Mobile Research Apps with Linked Data and Semantic Features (Resources)

Evan Patton, William Van Woensel, Oshani Seneviratne, Giuseppe Loseto, Floriano Scioscia and Lalana Kagal

Reconciling and Using Historical Person Registers as Linked Open Data in the AcademySampo Portal and Data Service (In-Use)

Petri Leskinen and Eero Hyvönen

(Best Paper Candidate) Mapping Manuscript Migrations on the Semantic Web: A Semantic Portal and Linked Open Data Service for Pre-modern Manuscript Research (In-Use)

Eero Hyvönen, Esko Ikkala, Mikko Koho, Jouni Tuominen, Toby Burrows, Lynn Ransom and Hanno Wijsman

Session 5B: Validation

Chair: Aidan Hogan

Best Student Paper Award Dataset or Not? A study on the veracity of semantic markup for dataset pages (Research)

Tarfah Alrashed, Dimitris Paparas, Omar Benjelloun, Ying Sheng and Natasha Noy

A Framework for Quality Assessment of Semantic Annotations of Tabular Data (Resources)

Roberto Avogadro, Marco Cremaschi, Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz and Anisa Rula

ProGS: Property Graph Shapes Language (Research)

Philipp Seifer, Ralf Lämmel and Steffen Staab

Session 5C: Semantic Matching

Chair: Ernesto Jiménez Ruiz

Graph-boosted Active Learning for Multi-Source Entity Resolution (Research)

Anna Primpeli and Christian Bizer

Towards Neural Schema Alignment for OpenStreetMap and Knowledge Graphs (Research)

Alishiba Dsouza, Nicolas Tempelmeier and Elena Demidova

Background Knowledge in Schema Matching: Strategy vs. Data (Research)

Jan Portisch, Michael Hladik and Heiko Paulheim

Break - 10 minutes

Closing Ceremony & Awards

Chair: Harith Alani